Copy subtask from subtask list



Hello “Asanaers”,

It would be amazing if it would be possible to duplicate a subtask directly from the task list, without opening in the subtask.

Let me give you a bit of background… I use subtasks to keep tracks of acceptance criteria and user stories scenarios. I normally like to duplicate subtasks that already contains pre-defined contents or subtasks; however, when I am in my creative mood I prioritise the ideas more than the process itself. Going in a subtask and duplicating it without being able to see the list of subtasks I am creating is not the best way to keep in the creative mood.
If I had the possibility to duplicate a subtask with a simple keyboard shortcut would save me from this.

BTW: currently I simply write a list of subtasks and then, when I am out from my creative mode, I merge them into properly duplicated subtasks!



Hi @carlo ! First, I love the “Asanaers” attempt. Here at Asana we call folks Asanas, so go ahead and use that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your suggestion, particularly because nesting is such a valuable feature in Asana. We have so much flexibility to create tasks, subtasks, and more subtasks, and many of us do rely on that nesting for our workflows. To be able to duplicate to the extent that we nest tasks and subtasks would be helpful.

I can relate to your “creative mood” process. To be honest, writing outside Asana and transferring into Asana is sometimes helpful for me when I am in an immersive creative state. It’s not ideal so it makes me wonder how we can improve on that. I am so programmed to use “tab” to create nested bulleted lists that I sometimes don’t want to slow myself down by creating tasks, subtasks, using Asana’s formatting shortcuts, and whatnot. I don’t mind needing to transfer the information, though, because most likely my initial “creative mood” list is very messy and I’d end up needing to clean it up regardless of where it is created.

Also, for the record right now we’re working on formalizing the process for taking feature requests from the community. We haven’t shared the official system with everyone yet, but please know we are indeed making note of your feedback!