Copy multiple sub-task links

In our work-flow, we use the links to project tasks in status updates to allow one-click access to the relevant items for project members. We love the ability to select multiple non-sequential tasks by holding the cmd/ctrl key down and clicking on tasks, then copying all of the selected task links with a single click. We have run into a limitation of this feature when it comes to sub-tasks. If we could select multiple sub-tasks and copy the link to them in a single click, it would save time and frustration since we wouldn’t need to click into the individual sub-tasks to copy the link.


Until this feature is added, someone (sorry, forgot who) recently posted a tip that you can right click the bubble icon at the end of subtask and choose Copy Link Address to save having to navigate into and back out of each task.

It may be too much overhead but if you could do a custom search to find these subtasks, then they would appear as main tasks in the search results and you could select them as you do regularly.



Welcome to the Forum @Matthew_Jenson and thank you for sharing your suggestion with us!

I believe this is the tip @lpb has mentioned:

I hope this helps! Have a great Friday!

@Natalia, @Matthew_Jenson, @lpb,
Unfortunately, I don’t think my post solves the issue.
My tip was about copying the task URL from the browser address bar.
I’d like to know the way to copy the URLs of subtasks! That would be really useful!


Thank you so much for the clarification @ShunS! :slight_smile:

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It actually works. See this video to ⬜➡✅ How to Get the URL of a subtask - YouTube


Thanks, @groblerpaul–your video is exactly what I was describing (and you can speed it up slightly using Cmd-v paste shortcut). Thanks for doing that.

I’ve finally found the original post I was referring to (not @ShunS’s), so credit to @Darbie_Pelachick: