Copy/Duplicate Task on Mobile

I’ve literally been waiting years for this to happen! It’s now 2024! Can we please have this feature added?! I keep coming up with blocks in my workflow as I work on my mobile device most mornings and it KILLS my productivity and creative flow. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add this feature finally! I NEVER go to the desktop right away JUST to duplicate a task. It is such a blocker to not be able to duplicate a task on mobile.


I feel like I am duplicating what everyone else has said, but that is the only duplicating I can do unless I am dragging my laptop around.

I travel for a living and I dont want to be taking my laptop everywhere I go. Please add the duplicate feature on the mobile app. This is a really important feature.

It would also be great to add a section for task templates. Then I can duplicate a task without the risk of deleting data from another.

Thanks :blush:

What’s needed to get this feature added? This topic was brought up and voted on 5 years ago