Copy/Duplicate Task on Mobile

Is this truly in the works? Thinking about getting rid of this program because my clients really need this feature. it looks like it has been an issue for 5+ years so you would think since it is capable on the android that it should be capable on iOS. I need to know if this will be rolled out in the next couple months or not. Looks like many others are very fed up with not having this feature.

Any updates here? Sad this has been a long discussion with no results. I dislike needing to log in on my laptop to duplicate a task when the mobile app is so powerful already, but lacking the duplicate feature, and it’s forced that I can’t use a desktop web browser view to work around on mobile.

It’s 2023 and we still can’t copy tasks in the app, seriously???

I was just going to say the same thing, come on Asana, there has to be a fix for this, it is now 2023!!

I can’t believe we still can’t duplicate tasks on mobile app. Please sort this out

This is incredible after 2 years and nothing is being done.
I am trying to implement this outside of my own department and this COPY TASK fuction is key.

Should I make a TickTok video between Trello and Asana to make it go viral ?

Truly appealing indeed. ¡ɟʇʍ

Just checking in on this. Looks like an appeal to duplicate tasks in the app was requested in 2017. It’s June 2023, and I still don’t see an option to do so. Is that right or am I overlooking it?

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Commenting as well as I need this functionality ASAP.

This is very sad that for almost 7 years thousands of Asana Users have stressed how imperative it is that there is a process to duplicate tasks and templates on the mobile app.

Most all stated that they use mobile more than an actual computer. Asana’s response guides you to vote on the missing vital feature and gives us some cloudy answer to quiet us .

My perception is That Asana is not client focused as it has given no explanation as to why a 7 year delay on a simple feature that most competitor apps have. I’ve only started with Asana and was about to put my entire team on the premium version. Glad i saw this major flaw before training a large team on a program that would have failed us daily. I truly loved Asana for all else that it is. But it is simply useless by leaving out a basic duplicate task/template on mobile in today’s world where we are all on the go.

Goodbye Asana. Good luck to all of you unheard voices that are stuck with this situation. Sadly after 7 years, my take would be you need to either accept an Asana future without it or move on to a competitor that has the process. Or at the very least listens to a request made by thousands of its users. Best of luck to you all.

Please add this feature to the app

how is this not implemented yet?!

Just added my vote. Any update on this feature being made available please ? Not being able to duplicate a task (on IOS or Android) is restricting our adoption of ASANA.

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This would be a highly valued addition to the existing functionality and support our wider adoption!


The fact that Asana hasn’t added such a basic feature after so many requests and this much time tells me they don’t care about their users. I will be looking for another solution for my business in the future. As a UX designer myself this lack of care and thought is ridiculous.

Any updates? Can this still not be done? I’d also love to see the “assign to multiple people” feature on mobile, which is a big source of my task duplication needs.

Yes! We need the duplicate or copy task feature! It has been 5 years since original post! Let’s get this done!

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I need it as well

In the kindest way I can convey…. PLEASE FREAKING ALLOW APP USERS TO COPY A TASK! Please and thank you!

Definitely need this!!