Copy/Duplicate Task on Mobile

I can’t believe that this functionality a) doesn’t exist on iOS b) that it’s been an active issue for FIVE YEARS.
There is no functional reason for an iOS app not to have parity with the desktop app.

Like others have mentioned I have set up task templates ad now I learn that I can only use them on desktop?
90% of my workday is on mobile, and I just signed a client up with Asana, looks like that was a mistake.


Asana we need your mobile platform to be functional for teams on the go. It’s imperative for our success…and yours. We need task duplication on mobile or we have to change how our work flows in Asana…flexibility is something you claim to support. I understand these things can take time and resources but this has clearly been a request from your clients for years. Thankyou for considering.

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I’m holding off on upgrading my Asana account because you’re missing this key feature. For now, I’ll keep my checklist templates on Keep and use Asana more minimally. So long as my workflow is spread across multiple apps, it’s not paying for my whole team to have the premium features of Asana. Come on guys, this is a core feature and you’ve known about it for half a decade.


Yeah this is incredibly frustrating/angering that two years later this is STILL not a function. Easily the biggest functionality failure on Asana’s part, and I say that as a long time lover of the company overall. It’s ruining my workflow. What gives?

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Wow! So incredibly frustrating that this basic feature is still not available for iOS! Come on, Asana! Get it together!

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Can someone from Asana please weigh in on whether this is even on the roadmap? It is unbelievable that this functionality is missing and that it’s been an active issue/request for 5 years.

I have an Asana task, and a bunch of sub-tasks, that I would like to duplicate into a new task. The Task is acting as a template, of sorts. Rather than modifying the “main” template Task, I want to duplicate it into new Tasks, so we can check off the sub-tasks as completed, each day.

I am using the Android :calling: mobile app, and my team is also using iPhones.

When I click on the Task, I cannot find any options to duplicate the task into a new task.

Question: How can I duplicate an Asana Task, and its sub-tasks, into a new Task, using the Android app?

Welcome, @Trevor_Sullivan1,

I’m afraid this feature is not available on the Android app. Please vote for it here:

The only workaround might be to preload some dups from the web app to keep around so that you can deploy them when on mobile. This is a hack and you’d have to find the most palatable way to do this to keep the tasks out of your hair but enough at hand for when you need them. You could perhaps keep these as complete and named “FOR FUTURE USE” and then mark them incomplete and rename them to use. Sorry!

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I 100% support this idea and feature request.

How is this not a feature? I work on the road and I NEED to be able to access the duplicate task function to be able to do ANYTHING in my business. It is pretty disappointing to see this thread was started years ago and nothing has changed? Does Asana want everyone to switch to Monday?

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Ahoy all: it is possible to do on mobile iOS with firefox. It’s a little wonky, but you can log in through firefox and then request the mobile site. It’s a little hard to click on buttons, but I duplicated a template of tasks and subtasks.

This does not work on chrome

Not if you have the app installed, it seems - as with Safari and Chrome, logging in via Firefox (either as desktop or mobile site) took me straight back to the app :frowning:

Four & a half years and nothing at all on this?? Asana, if you’re not going to do anything about fixing this, can you at least fix your website so it doesn’t just flick us back to the app that doesn’t have the functionality we need? I don’t get the point of the redirect anyway - if I’m on the site on a device that has the app, that generally means I need something the app doesn’t provide!

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if you request a desktop version of the site on firefox it doesn’t auto open the app

Totally agree. Some oversights with this otherwise great app are totally weird.

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Not having this feature is a real problem. Would also love to see this function, because it will eat through your day and confuse everything.
Love the app other than that

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Hi there, I also need this feature. This thread is 4 years, I wonder why it has not been shortlisted?

I found a possibility to use the WebApp on Mobile. Take Firefox, Open, Request Desktop Website, Burger Menue, Click on Login with the context menue, open in private Window.
Hope that helps someone here.

Hello! Is this on the roadmap?
I unfortunately can’t use the hack mentioned on this thread because I don’t duplicate templates. I duplicate form submissions.
I tried using the web mobile version but it boots me back to the app.

Fair to say Asana is not working on this, 5 years would have been done if you were serious.