Copy and paste error from asana both in desktop and android.


Copy and paste errors from asana both in desktop and android.


i posted an issue with this a long time aga and it was never resolved then. i was told to provide extra info and contact support, which i did, but i never received a response.

If i copy and paste text from an asana task the formatting does not translate well to other apps. In all cases it comes out incorrect. It does not look like it does in asana.

Im currently using google chrome and brave and its the same in both.

Ive included a screenshot of the text in asana.

I selected it, copied it, and pasted it into wordpad, microdoft word, email, and Evernote.

As you can see from the images:

Asana: This is how i created the text. It is new text on new lines single spaced. I have added 1x extra line in place of Line 4 and Line 6.

Wordpad: This pastes in and its not wrapped at all. its all on one line.

Word: This double spaces all the new lines and does not look like it does in asana.

Gmail: This double spaces all the new lines just like word does and does not look the same as asana.

This is very annoying. Why cant i just copy and past from asana to other apps and have it look the same?

this is my original support post:


have support not got an update for this?
my original ticket from over a year also got ignored.

Hi @Jimmyss, sorry to hear that you didn’t receive a reply from Support. Checking the records, it looks like your ticket was picked up by our bot Aubrey, which replied to you with some troubleshooting steps. As we did not hear back from you, the case was then closed.

Aubrey is a bot that we are continually improving in order for customers to get responses quicker.

I have located this ticket with the screencast, and escalated the issue to our Developers, but it might be hard for them to resolve this since the root of the problem might be in the app receiving the data. As soon as I have any updates I’ll let you know!

thanks, but id say it more how asana lets me copy the text.
its not how the app pastes it.

any update on this?

Hi @Jimmyss, I’ve just checked with our Developers and unfortunately they don’t have an ETA to share yet. We will inform you as soon as we have any updates.

Yup, this is still broken in July 2023

Shocked this hasn’t been fixed yet – this is crippling to the product and functionality.

@Vanessa_N update?


Hi @anon72735277, unfortunately we don’t have any updates to share yet, but we will keep you all posted. Sorry for the hassle!

Just wanted to chime in that I’m experiencing a similar issue where I’m trying to copy+paste from an asana task into the CMS of a site and the formatting is SHOCKING. It’s adding bizarre massive spaces at the start of random sentences. When I try to clear the formatting by copy+pasting into another program that I know won’t do this it remains. CTRL+Shift+V (Paste without formatting) does nothing.

So, I have to manually remove these spaces which turned a 20 minute task into an hour. Not cool!