Cookie settings for whitelist

I am evaluating Asana, and although I think it’s the right speed, it is conflicting with organization policy. We whitelist cookies, and I need to disable our entire cookie policy to properly log into your site. This is probably complicated by our use of Gsuite, but I haven’t had any problems like this with other sites… like a certain product that starts with a J, which is who we are fleeing from. Asana also seems to have a habit of redirecting when there are issues, which makes it difficult to determine where the cookies are coming from. I have been whitelisting what I can, and the somewhat limited list I’ve come up with so far is:
https:// (not too happy about this)

Is there a list of things I’ll need to whitelist to get this working? A little more refinement would be nice too. A blanket whitelist of CloudFront might be a deal breaker.


Welcome to the Forum @scott_usagicrm! I recommend you contacting our support team in order to investigate this further: How to contact our Support Team ✉

They will be in a better position to troubleshoot this further with you! When you do, make sure provide them the URL of this thread to provide them with context and to avoid having to re-explain everything.

Sorry for not being able to help you further via the Forum but our support team will be better equipped to help you with this issue! I hope this gets resolved soon.