Converting project type from List to Board or Board to List?


There’s a discussion of this but it is inexplicably marked Closed. Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

Perhaps that’s why I can’t comment in it.

What’s the barrier to adding this functionality? It’s a painfully obvious use case. It should have been designed in in the first place.


It should have been designed in in the first place.

This is exactly why this will never be addressed. The application was not developed properly and now for them to change it is a huge overhaul, causing all other integrations and functions to break.

It’s the same for any other obvious feature that does not exist with Asana, take basic notifications for example.


Basic notifications?



Okay, so I went and gave a quick look at the discussion Desktop Notifications.

Basically you’re talking about desktop notifications — probably via web browser?

I’m super satisfied with Asana’s Inbox. I consider it inspired design. I would personally not enable desktop (via Windows or via browser) notifications for Asana.


Inbox is great, is just about getting those notifications instantly, so the user is prompted to act.

Funny enough, they have the option to turn on browser notifications for this forum, but not for the Asana app itself.

Anyway I don’t want to get side tracked from an important issue you’ve brought up - hopefully we receive a response.


Yeah. I’m just weighing in on my needs. Browser notifications are valuable.

Funny enough, they have the option to turn on browser notifications for this forum, but not for the Asana app itself.

This forum is Discourse-based, I believe. Not Asana’s product. :slight_smile:


The underlying data model between board and list are different, that makes it difficult to allow the switch. Honestly I prefer having the current boards for the past few months than just wait months to get everything working perfectly. This is 2018, all modern software are developed iteratively :slight_smile: but I understand the frustration!


@Bastien_Siebman Bastien, but why have so many pm Services build this feature? Why uses asana two different data Models for Boards and lists? Wouldn’t it be easier to use the same and just change the look of view? I didn’t understand this, because switching is such a vital function. And why did asanas Support did not mention anything about this, but many many people are asking for? Did you know anything about this?



Here’s a post I wrote that discusses one big known difference involving Sections:


They probably had a good reason for doing this, and I’d rather have boards now with this limitation than no boards at all :stuck_out_tongue:
It is a vital function for you, millions of users still use Asana without it, there are (imperfect) workarounds. But I am sure they’ll get on it soon enough.


Many here are far past my understanding of Asana under the hood, but it seems to me the discussed problem is that the option is for tasks to be in a board or list view. The “real” problem from my perspective is that my Projects are stuck in a list view. We are a custom job shop (custom cabinetry) and a board view give me a good overview of the state of jobs in the business. So as it stands now we place each of our jobs as a ‘task’ in the various board views we have (Essentially different departments within our organization)

Because in board view the movable items are ‘tasks’ so much critical work flow pushes down to a sub-task level and is tedious to track and I loose a lot of the task functions (especially the ability to email a task)


With Bridge24 for Asana, List projects can be viewed as Board projects, no need to convert anything, it just works.