Converting a Task To A Project & Using a Template

Currently when you use the convert a task to a project feature it does not follow the same workflow process as when you create a project from scratch. Missing from this alternate workflow is the ability to use a project template when you are converting.

It would be beneficial if we could still select a template for this new project when we are converting it from a task.

This is a huge frustration for us too - we have a work request form which feeds into a board, when a task generated by that form is assigned to an individual, they need to convert it into a project, but there is no way to use a template, or retrospectively apply a template to a newly created project.

The current route we take is to create a project from the template, and add the “task” to that new project.


Hi all. We have created a project template with a column layout and more. Now, we have a problem when using the “create a project form a task” function. If we use this function, Asana do not allow us (or we not found how) to select a template for the new project, so this new project is created with the default template.

It’s possible to select a template in this case without changing the default one?

Thank you all

Hi @Gabriel_Barcelo, thanks for the feedback, and welcome to our Community Forum. At this time, it is not possible to convert a task into a Project using a Template. It looks like we already have a thread on this topic, therefore, I’m merging your post so that you and other users can concentrate your votes in one thread. :wink:

Yes this is a huge limitation! it would be great to have the ability to pick a template when converting a request into a project.

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I’v got to be honest, I don’t understand why this is still an issue. It seems like you should be able to take the info from the Task and simply input that into the Create project screen which allows for choosing a Template.

We are trying to automate our Project Creation process and the Templates are integral to that, but currently we need to choose between the convenience of a template with pre-formatted columns/rules and having a Project created using the information provided by an external source (such as Microsoft Flow).

This would be very helpful, also just being able to assign a Task Template to a Form so that once the task is created is has all the it’s subtask created would be a life saver.


Please make this function!!! It seems like there would be an intuitive way to convert the Task to a Project while using a template- even if you still have to reorganize subtasks it would be better than nothing. For now, I have been adding the task to the project, and copy-pasting. Big waste of time. Otherwise I love asana!

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I recently found a feature that our team would greatly appreciate and help with our workflow. We use a Kanban style of project for our lead generation and once we qualify them, we use the Convert Task to Project… option. Our workflow issues:

  • There is no way in this window to specify the type of project to create (List vs. Board).
  • Would love to be able to select at least a template in this window to create the project.
  • We like seeing that a task has been made into a project, but as you are not able to change the board style or template after it has been selected. As there is no option, you only get one option currently which isn’t as helpful.

Thanks - this would be incredibly helpful for our team! :slight_smile:


I agree with ETO. We use a “list” project to collect all tasks that we have to do the next days, and then we convert them into single projects. To manage each single project we prefer to use the kanban style to organize the tasks within colums. Unfortunately – there is no selection possibility
while the convertion process.

Are there plans in the near future to integrate that feature?


There is another thread with 12 votes if you want to add your votes there Converting a Task To A Project & Using a Template - #3 by Gabriel_Barcelo

I vote PLEEEEASE make this a feature. What is the point of creating templates if you can’t use them when converting tasks to projects? That is the essence of the work flow for us and so many others. If I had to make a project board for the hundreds of estimates we are asked to submit on a weekly basis we would be totally lost.

Our ideal workflow would be as follows:

  1. New inquiries are captured on a board then assigned to a PM. Subtasks are used to map out the steps of the project to secure the deal.
  2. Once the job is approved it gets converted to a project where the sub tasks become tasks, and so on.

Would be so great!


Our Creative Group could use this as we often make mini projects with a review cycle for each creative request it would be ideal if I could use the template I created right out of the box with the conversion. Currently I have to create a new project from template and move the request into it. This would be far more slick and less time consuming.

Everything else is amazing. Please add this.

We do the same!!

FYI our Flowsana integration has a rule action which creates a new project from a template.

You can use this feature in conjunction with any Flowsana rule trigger - for example, when a new task is created, when a new form submission is received, when a custom field gets set to a certain value, etc. - to automatically create new projects.

(Also, using Flowsana’s “variable substitution” feature, the new project name can include the triggering task’s name, project name, any custom field value, etc.)

I use Asana for both my sales pipeline and also project management. In my CRM project, each deal is represented as a task. When the contract is signed, I select Advanced Featured → Convert to Project. I’d love to have the option to “Choose from Project Template” after I select “Convert to Project” so that I can have Sections and Rules created for each project from the outset. Currently, the subtasks of the deal are converted to tasks, but everything else in the project is blank and requires setting up the project rules from scratch - and in my case, these rules would be the same for each project. I’d love feedback on any workarounds. Otherwise, this is a feature suggestion :slight_smile:


Hi @Brian_Grady

Welcome to the community this has been requested here;

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Jason Woods

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I need it too

Of what use is the Convert a task to project button if you cannot apply a template in the conversion?