Converted to project naming convention

Hello, when using an Asana rule to convert a task to a project, is it possible to keep the original name of the task rather than having the project be name [Converted to project] Name of the task?

Thank you!

Hi @Valerija_Vidovic Welcome to the forum - there may be a way to rename it using the rule to rename the task but it would have to be triggered off. Essentially when it is converted to project the task is also considered complete.

Be great to know what use case you have as usually ‘convert to project’ is the final step

Welcome, @Valerija_Vidovic,

If you navigate to the task that’s been converted, there’s a button in the task detail pane (can’t offhand recall the button caption); click it and it will revert the title to the original and no longer show the task as completed.