Convert Template Back to a Project?

I continue to struggle to find the best way to approach repeatable process projects and have now inadvertently deleted a Project, but have it saved as a Template - the pressing question is: Can I convert a Template back to a Project or can I just leave it as-is and continue updating tasks in the instance that is now a Template? (I do not need the template to create a future project from).

Notes: Creating a new project from this template doesn’t seem to be an option because no matter what date options I select, the tool just does not get the dates right, ever. I’m not sure why this isn’t working the way I think it should, but that’s another issue.

Background - I have a project plan with about 250 tasks and we run several of these projects at one time, all with different start dates. A typical process for launching a new project is to “Duplicate” an existing project (as a backup) and then convert that to a “Template”. From that template, I create a new project and go through the painful task of retooling all of the dates (again, the date options/levers when creating a new project from Template don’t ever seem to align to either the start date or finish date I give it, so it is a manual process at this point).

I’m all ears if there is a better way to approach this!

Again, the pressing question is if I need to do anything to the “Template” version of the project or if it is equally as usable as it would be if it were designated as a “Project” - I do not ever need to use this template to create a new project from.

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Hi @Ralph_Carlone and welcome to the Forum!

No problem at all, you can make this template a regular project again, by clicking on “Remove from Template” in the drop-down menu next to your template title:

And the good news is that you will be able to make this project a template again when you need it!

If you’re regularly creating project from a template and need these projects to start at different It sounds you were already using auto-shifting date features, but are running into trouble; if the date of your new projects aren’t correct, it might because you’ve asked Asana to ignore weekends? You can learn more about this in the following article: Hope this helps!

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This is a tremendous help, thank you! I wasn’t sure if “Remove from templates” would completely wipe the project out, or just remove it as a possible template so I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I am ticking the box to schedule on weekends and typically have to coordinate between trying start date and end date to get my dates pretty close. I’ll read through the article again and do some testing. I’ll report back if it isn’t User Error and I notice something truly unexpected. :slight_smile:


Glad I was able to help @Ralph_Carlone!

And if you ever happen to delete a project by mistake, no problem at all, most of the time you will be able to recover it yourself (see Asana tips in this section of our guide:, and if not, our support team should most likely be able to do so! Either way, your project will be recovered to the exact same state it used to be before you deleted it :slight_smile:

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