Convert tasks <-> subtasks in search view and mobile (iOS)



I know about drag-and-drop for converting tasks <-> subtasks when just viewing a project, but is there a way to do it when I am searching tasks?

My main workflow uses a search on a project (tasks assigned to me or nobody) and the drag-and-drop to convert a task to a subtask (or vice versa) doesn’t work. There also doesn’t seem to be away within a task to do this (which also hampers the same situation on iOS). Is this just an edge case/unsupported?


Hi Amin - At this time the only way to drag and drop tasks to subtasks is within the task or project view, not the search view. I recommend conducting the search and then opening a second browser tab with the project that the task belongs to. This way, you can identify tasks in the search tab, then easily navigate to the project tab and move tasks around within the project. I hope this is helpful!