Convert Subtasks into Task and add it to Calendar

Two things my group would love to see for Subtasks:

  1. Having the option to convert subtasks into an actual task (in case we decide it shouldn’t be a subtask) rather than having to delete the subtask and recreate it as a task (or click and drag it out to be a task)

  2. Having a checkbox option to make the subtask show up on the Calendar view. We’ve found many times we have to create a separate task instead of a subtask in order for the item to show up on the task, but this then creates a SUPER long list of tasks. If we had the OPTION to make one particular subtask show up on the calendar (but not all), that would be very useful in our organizing needs.

Thanks for a great tool, and for giving us the opportunity for feedback and suggestions!!

  • jamie g.
    appalachian voices
  1. You can just drag the task out from the task and into the project and it becomes a ordinary task.

  2. You can add the subtask to a project also by pressing TAB + P and the subtask will also be visible directly in the project instead of creating a new task that only have the date.

Hope this helps.
Jonas Olsson