Convert subtask to task

This solution works thank you. It should be highlighted at the top of the page.

Unless someone has a simpler one, or Asana could just enable drag-and-drop without needing a project, as the current solution is still a fudge, and does not work with search. It should be possible to search for a keyword, and then drag and drop any visible items.

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Every time I want to convert a subtask to a task I have to look up this article. I believe this should be made more intuitive and the most logical way is to have a function ‘Convert to task’ just like we have a option to ‘Convert to project’ already. Thanks for considering this, Asana is a great tool and this would make it even better!


This worked great for me, thanks for the advise. Seems like something that should be more easy to do without this hack.
It is common for a subtask to become a bigger issue and require greater attention.

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This is the best solution. @Brooke_Petit - when you hover over the item the 6 dots come up. You can then drag from there.

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For some reason, it isn’t intuitive to me that I can only do this from the detail pane… but I’m remembering more and more often… so thanks to all for the solutioning.

Thanks! took me a while to realize that you should move it into ‘no-section’ at top , there should be ‘convert to task’ instead, this isn’t intuitive enough


Every time i drag the subtask to the left panel, it is still connected to the parent task.
How do I unlink the connection between a subtask and its parent?

Wow, this is such a cool feature I did not know existed! I have ran into this same scenario a time or two in the past and ended up just creating a new task and deleting the subtask. Thanks to everyone for the great replies on this thread!