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I have a project that has grown to include multiple sections and collaborators - so much so that I am thinking I should convert the project to a team an the sections to projects. Is there a tool or a documented process for doing this?




Hi Bob and welcome to the forum :wave:.

As for moving sections to projects, I think the easiest would be to multi-select the sections and copy/paste them into different projects. You can even copy your whole project with all of the sections multiple times and then go into each project, rename, and delete all but the sections that you would like to keep. As for moving the projects from one workspace to another workspace you would need to use the integration, Kothar.

I hope that helps,


Hi Katie, thanks for the reply. I was hoping to learn how to convert a project to a team and convert the sections into projects within that new team. I can figure out how to do this manually with dragging and dropping or copying but something that I was unsure about is what happens to all the tasks that were completed within that old project and section structure? Do they stay mapped to their old parents are do they lose all parentage? I am asking because of impacts that moving things around might have on my ability to report on completed tasks after I move/convert the old project. That make any sense?




When you say you are moving to a team, do you mean a new team within the same organization or a different workspace?



Thanks again Katie. We have an organization account and would like to make one of our projects into one of our teams.


Thanks Bob,

@Bastien_Siebman @lpb maybe you can chime in. I’m not as familiar with moving project around within an organization account. I think one of you might know better whether the mapping breaks when moved.



Hi @bob_christensen and thanks @Katie_Reynolds,

I don’t know of a tool that will help you here, unless you have many hundreds of tasks and then perhaps Kothar would help as Katie pointed out. I’d do the following:

  1. Manually create team
  2. Manually create projects (use copy/paste of section name to project name each time)
  3. Set view to show All tasks (both Completed and Incomplete)
  4. Multi-select all tasks within first section and a) multi-home (add to project) to the first new project, make sure they’re there, then remove from the current project* thereby “moving” them (if you have more than 50 tasks you’ll have to do this multiple times due to limit on the number of selections)
  5. Repeat for remainder of sections
  6. Delete or archive the old project
  • If you prefer to leave the tasks in the original project for reporting or as backup, just don’t “remove from current project”

I didn’t actually do these steps so perhaps proofread (or maybe @Katie_Reynolds or @Bastien_Siebman can double-check), but I think the approach is sound at least, and I’ve done this kind of thing before.


Thanks very much. That sounds like it will work to me.



Hi everyone. Just wanted to add to Bob’s question by saying this would be a really useful feature. Projects can rapidly grow in size far more than first envisaged and it would be ideal to be able to literally promote or elevate the project and everything in it by one ‘level’ as it were (i.e. project to team; sections to projects; tasks to sections; sub-tasks to tasks etc). I know this may not be possible or very easy but just sayin’ :slight_smile:


@phil2, this could be requested in #productfeedback which would allow voting; maybe you could open a post there or perhaps if @Marie thought it was appropriate she could move this thread there?


Thanks @lpb, just moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to enable votes :slight_smile: