Convert a Subtask into an independent Tasks maintaining initial parent task title & subtask title

Convert a Subtask into an independent Tasks (maintaining initial parent task title & subtask title)

This is very useful while monitoring the progress of a ‘ticket’ that was initially (for easy or record) recorded as a subtask under a parent task.

Hi @Cpirkettis, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! While this isn’t something that’s available right now, hopefully our Product team can implement this in the future :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath, thank you for your prompt response.
I know this is not available at the moment - It was submitted as a suggestion for improvement in ASANA.
For our team it would be value added. I would guess other will have similar views.


We are experimenting with Timeline and Calendar views. We’re running into a fairly grave obstacle that makes Timeline/Calendar kinda useless.

Can we get the Main Task name to show up along with the Subtask name on Calendar/Timeline views? Either “top line, bottom line” or something **“SUBTASK NAME:**MAIN TASK NAME

If we’re not able to see the “Main Task Name” on Timeline/Calendar view, we really have no way of knowing which Main Task these subtasks all belong to.

For example, in the department I manage, I’m just going to see a bunch of subtasks called “Receive”, “Cut”, “Paint”, “Assemble”, “Ship”. I’m trying to use Asana to schedule these tasks, but by looking at the Timeline, I’m not going to know which Main Task to receive, cut, paint, assemble, or ship unless I click on every single one and read the details (ie, not an option)

Instead, I need to see on timeline something like “Receive:Smith”, “Receive:Brown”, “Cut:Smith”, “Assemble:Greer”, “Ship:Evans”.

Note: I know the duh- solution is to just tell me to name all the subtasks the way I have them named above. Unfortunately that’s not a usable solution, because all of our Main Tasks are a duplicate of a single generic task template with all the subtask hierarchy already built into it. Someone would have to go through every one of the 2-3 DOZEN subtasks (and, sub-subtasks) and type the job-name into them. I need something more automated than this.



Subtasks don’t belong to the project, and so them not showing up on the Timeline is kinda by design… See F3 for workarounds 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Bastien, I appreciate your input, although I’m not talking about a misunderstanding regarding Projects. I can get the subtasks to show up in the right Project, I understand how that part works.

I’m talking about getting the title of the MAIN task to show as part of the Calendar/Timeline entry when the Subtask shows up.

So, as example. There’s a Main Task titled “Smith Order” and a Subtask titled “Paint Items”.

The Subtask is part of a Project. When I view that project’s Timeline, I NEED that Subtask to display alongside the main task’s name. Such as “Paint Items: Smith Order” (subtask:main task).

If I can’t get this, then I’m going to have 25 subtasks on any given month in my Timeline view titled “Paint Items” but I won’t be able to see what job (main task) those subtasks belong to.

Surely this is a capability somewhere that I can toggle on. It seems to me that when something is a Subtask, it needs to be EASILY recognizable on the Timeline/Calendar views as part of the Main Task.

Understood. Then I am pretty sure there is an existing Product Feedback and @Rebecca_McGrath will be able to merge your post in it :slight_smile: