Conversations tab now hidden - why?

So we use Asana in our busy little agency. With a little help from Google forms and Zapier, we now create new projects from a Google form, which creates a new project folder on our gdrive, and populates it with blank documents.

Our one piece of admin is to go into the newly created project, and attach the gdrive files to the project by posting them in a conversation topic.

Why has the “conversation” tab been hidden, and “forms” (which is not part of our tier service) put in its place?

It only means an extra click, but repeat that a few thousand times and it adds up to a whole stack of time.

The space exists to unpack the whole tab menu to include “conversations” and “files” and to remove options that simply aren’t active or available (e.g “forms”).

Please can we have the conversation tab back on the main project page, and not hidden in a submenu? Conversations have always been a central feature of every project, along with List and Timeline, we don’t understand why they have been relegated to a submenu item!



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