Conversations are not very useful as implemented (and why does Asana obstruct User interaction on the forum)


You are obstructing a dialog!

Shutting down a discussion thread that is product is surprisingly callous. Who gives you direction to do this?

Maria said:

Hi @dksmith, project and team conversation were designed to be used in the context of a project or a team, sounds like you’re looking more for a chat/messaging feature. If that the case, I’d recommend adding your vote to this other thread: Chat Feature Request

Your presumptive nature causing you to be unhelpful.

Shutting down the thread before you hear what the problem is not helpful to anybody.

The problem with Conversations is that I cannot include a single person from a different department without including all 45 other people in that department.

If I recall, Asana is trying to make the workplace better. Don’t be jerks, please. Help us find better solutions. We are paying you.

I will include my initial comments…

I think the semantics in Asana are what is holding this product back.
Be more fearless with your UI design. That’s my recommendation.
The design seems too safe and simple-minded; and definitely too slow to evolve!

I want to discover if the reason you shut down a productive thread is because of my opinion.

Hi @dksmith and sorry if I made you feel this way, this was by no means my intention. We close, update and merge threads every day in this forum to help keeping it organized and easy to use for our Community. But when we make mistake we happily correct them, so if you run into an issue in the future, simply drop us a DM or create a new post and we will be in touch. In your specific case, I understood you were looking to have a private discussion with 2-3 users, which sounded like a chat feature request (which by the way is quite a popular request in the Forum). This is why I closed your post (but kept it visible) and encouraged you to vote on another exiting thread so all votes and feedback on a same topic are gathered in one place.

So to answer your question based on the additional info you just provided: in a project conversation, you can @mention people who are not member of your project (or even in the same team as yours) as long as they belong to your Organisation. If your project is set to « Private to project Members », members you have only @mentioned in a project conversation will only see this specific conversation, they won’t have access to the rest of your conversations in the project or to any tasks. I hope this answer your question, but if it doesn’t, please edit your initial post or create a new #productfeedback outlining what you’d like this functionality to look like, and how it would be useful to you and your team. I would also recommend choosing a title that better capture your idea to allow other users looking for the same thing to discover it more easily.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to review our Community Guideline. Like I said, it is very important for us to keep this forum an open place where everyone can safely express themselves. We’ve always relied on customer feedback to build Asana, and always welcomed all feedback - positive and negative - as long as they’re shared in a friendly manner and a constructive way.

Hope this helps!

I will read the guidelines with the idea of trying to search for my violation. Or you could be helpful and just state the violation.

Maybe something for your people to understand is that your customers are busy. They do not camp out on the forums or even check them everyday. It’s not a chat tool. It’s a forum… where responses are asynchronous in nature. If you are not allowing commentary by other Users weeks later then you are disabling free and potentially productive dialog.

If your company chooses to manicure the forum to the point it is not really useful for people, then people will notice this eventually and stop contributing; due to the obstacles created by the over-grooming.