Conversation function/area not working


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When going into the conversation area of a project the post button is not live or active - does not let you click on it so cannot post conversation notes

Steps to reproduce: not sure?

Browser version: chrome

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @Laura_P You have to enter something in both the Title area “New Conversation” and then in the second area for the Post button to be displayed as per screen shot.

Hope that helps…


Conversation functionality down?

Oh apologies @Jason_Woods - I uploaded the wrong screen shot- here we go 04%20pm


Hi @Laura_P - You will need to put something in place of “New Conversation” as it is effectively blank similar to when you create a New task and you get the “Write a task name”.

For conversation you have to give it a title as per my first screenshot which had “afsa” as the title of the conversation.


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Oh!! Yes now I understand - thank you so much @Jason_Woods!! I can feed this back to the team - great to learn from you


I feel like this was a new update - is that right?


No worries @Laura_P happy to help.

Not sure if it was a new update or not, I don’t often use “Conversations” but did notice it the other day…



The other day someone had the same issue with a task title, because they did not see it was actually a field… cc @Marie