Controls In a task to do somewhat workflow

Hi, I’m considering to do some kind of workflow based on Asana, for example:

I can create a task from api called “Call client to ask for new request” and de ansewer could be Yes // no // call later. If you choose yes, the our client side will create additional task belong first one.

So I need to put a button with embed http call to my server with some data like task ID, etc.

Any functionality any workaround.?

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Maybe have a look at Zapier and see how you can create this yourself…

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You could also set this up using the API, and you can see documentation on getting the task IDs and other actions you can take through the API here: Asana Developers - API, Documentation & Community Support • Asana

I think that I’ve misexplained.
What I want Is to embed a button or a kind of control inside a task or conversation. I have no problem with the API
Example. Suppose that one task could have two results, good or bad. I want to put inside the task two buttons with “good” and “bad” and when the user press good I will generate some new tasks and will mark the current task as done.
To do that I have to inject a kind of code en in the task “note” or links or something that I don’t know and that is what I’m asking.


Hey. Its possible if you create a browser extension (ie chrome) that will appear that buttons on the Asana UI. Behind of these a web service using the API will manage the flow you want.

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Thanks Diakoptis, It looks like it is the hardest way, I’ve few things in chrome, but that looks difficult and I think that every change over asana web could break it.

I would prefer some original Asana’s solution, but I suppose that it doesn’t exists.

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@Manuel_Quinteiro not really, I agree with @Diakoptis on his idea :wink: