Content Stage, Channel, Project Color Hierarchy in Calendar



I am trying to sort my color hierarchy to prioritize based on stage, channel, and then/if project. Currently the project color is set to the primary. I would like to set it where content stage is the primary color, then channel, then project. I can’t find anything in settings.

Any way to do this?


Hi @Preston! At the moment, the color order is determined by what was created first. If the project was created before the “Content Stage” custom field, for instance, then the project color will be the primary color that appears on the Calendar, and vice versa. I appreciate this might not be ideal, but this is definitely something we would hope to improve in the future!


Thanks so much. That makes sense and glad to know how it works. Obviously, the ability to determine which field color is primary and secondary in a setting would be ideal. Good to know it isn’t in a setting I missed. Thanks again.


The ability to see and change when a category, stage, or project was created would also be a workaround. Then, knowing how color is selected in the system you could change the category date created. I don’t believe you can currently see that info. Just a suggestion.