Content Dashboard + Promotion Dashboard Help




I am the social media manager and I would like some help/insights/resources in how to set up a workflow. We are currently Asana Premium users.

  1. I am on the content team and am doing research for our content manager: how have you set up a content dashboard and editorial calendar?
  2. I am the social media manager and I need to create a promotion dashboard. I need to a. become aware of our content strategy, b. become aware when content is live/published and ready to be promoted, c. I need to manage that promotion (types, timing…etc) I also have a form where I can get incoming social requests (people who want me to post things). It’s a google form and I’d like responses to automatically create tasks in this promotion dashboard.
  3. We need a living “archive” of all of our content. (I was thinking this could be the promotion dashboard, as everything in the promotion dashboard are things I can promote on social – but, what happens when the piece of content is “dead”? Where/how to create archive? for example)

Any help with these workflows?

New User, filter by non dependent tasks?

Hi @Alex_Bowen! I see you have posted your questions a while ago, but just in case you haven’t found your answers yet, here is a bunch of resources that could help!

I would recommend you to check out this article dedicated to Editorial Calendars, you might find it helpful:

These tips from our blog might also interesting:

And if you want to learn more about running editorial calendars in Asana, you can also register for this online course:

Also, you can connect Google Forms and Asana ( which will allow you to automatically create tasks when you receive responses through your Google Form.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: