Consolidated Task Notification for Expiring CC's

hello All,

As the customer or office staff (with assigned access to the Asana project); at the start of a given day, I should be able to see only one task notification/ reminder for the Expiring CC notification task type.

For example, for a given day, for initial/start of day notifications, if there are two or more expiring CC’s in my queue, I should only receive one notification for that reminder task type (not one reminder task for each queued Expiring CC that needs my attention).

-Given one or more Expiring CC tasks, only one reminder should display for the bundle of Expiring CC’s

is that above business functionality is possible? if yes could you please let us know how to implement this functionality ? is that possible to customized from third-party like Salesforce etc.,

Thank you in advance!!

please suggested us ASAP!!!


I am not sure I understand the full problem but why not use My Tasks and just sort by due date?

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