Consistency & Customized Control over Colors in Calendar

Can the calendar color-coding logic be changed so that we have full control over what colors appear in what order? I’m aware that currently the dominant color is the oldest tag/custom-field created, but that’s useless for my purposes. I’m sure there are multiple ways to go about this, but I’m envisioning identifying the main color by the initial tag, and ordering tags with the ability to drag and drop in our order of preference so that the color-order remains consistent. For example, on one (project) calendar, I’d like for the entries to be color-coded primarily by category (first tag/main color) with the first mini-square indicating one thing (another tag/color), and the second mini-square indicating another (third tag/color). I’d also like the option to exclude the project color from the tasks as that’s redundant for me. If I can create my tags (or custom-fields) perfectly the first time and never need to change them again (will never happen!) they almost function how I’d like them to, but even then they shift too much to be helpful as the colors don’t stay consistent when filtering or searching. Thanks!

We run into this need for calendar views on advanced searches. For us, since the search is pulling tasks from multiple projects, we’d like to see tasks colored by project (and maybe tasks that belong to multiple projects get a fun multi-colored stripe background).

A little convo on this here:

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