Connecting an Excel Sheet to Asana using PAT


I’m trying to connect an excel sheet so that ever row generates a task when information is added to that row. I think I’m pretty close however my PAT keeps generating with a “:” in the middle of it (example: XXXXX:XXXXX) and I think this is what is causing the error as it doesn’t seem to be connecting with my actual Asana project.

Does anyone have any advice as to how to generate the PAT without the “:”?


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Hi @Natasha_Teixeira,

I’m afraid it’s not possible; a PAT will always have that colon in it as it’s comprised of two parts that are separated by the colon.

What tool or technology are you using to do the connection? The colon shouldn’t be an issue in general.

Hi @Phil_Seeman

I’m trying to code (JAVA) in Google Extensions so that my excel sheet auto connects with my Asana project and generates a task per each row.

Basically, I’m trying to get around the lack of auto filling columns so that the ID codes we generate in Excel transfer over to Asana without having to copy/paste.

I’m not familiar with Google Extensions but if you’re doing the authentication in Java, I don’t know why a colon would be causing the problem. What issue are you having specifically and how have you narrowed it down to the comma as being the root cause?

Also, there’s an official Asana Java client library; are you using that, or could you? That would handle the auth for you. Or maybe you can at least look at the source code for the library and do the auth exactly as they’re doing it to avoid any issues.