Configure Project Using Project or Task Templates?

We are ramping up our a custom home product line…think configuring a car to order online…select model, engine options, paint, upgrades, etc. We are currently treating each home as a Project, and a Section of Tasks within the project for Purchase Orders to purchase labor and material. For example:

Framer - ABC Framing
Roof - Metal Roof Inc
Windows - Rez Supply Co

Within these tasks contain specifications and estimates required for the PO, specific to the home sold (e.g. frame walk in pantry option, roof color selection, window brand, etc). I’d love to hear any ideas on how to pre-configure projects or tasks to build a project and PO’s once a home is sold. There are 6 model floor plans, each having 3 styles, and several options or upgrades within each …i.e. a lot of configurations to do manual entry.

Bonus points, future proof to configure the project in Asana from our Pipedrive or a Google Sheet interface :grinning:

Hi @Jesse_Rev0, thanks for reaching out to our Community!

I’ve gone ahead and moved this post to the #usecases category to make is more visible to our Community members looking to share suggestions :slight_smile:

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