Conditional Custom Fields in Projects


As a wordpress developer where we have access to Gravity forms, or third party sites such as Google Forms or Wufoo Forms (that Asana uses), coming to Asana fields feels very basic. Where are limited to 3 custom fields with little to not customization or conditional fields.

While I imagine full customization may take time, would love to at least be able to say, if field x is checked, or has a certain value, or doesn’t have a certain value, show field y. This would be a great start so that only relevant custom fields appear rather than bloating the sidebar with fields that may not apply.



Hi @Chris_Chiera

This thread might interest you:

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Thanks for sharing. While that won’t help with conditional fields, that is still great news that Asana is actively working on slowly adding additional fields. A date and mult select is a solid step and hopefully more to come. Thanks so much for sharing.



This would be a great feature!