Compress details in view of individual task

My team uses Asana to manage incoming tasks, launches, and ongoing client work, and we also work with external parties in Asana for project management.

This seems to have been an update over the weekend, but when I click on an individual task, the view of the assignee, due date, project, and especially description are now laid out vertically, instead of having the due date next to assignee, description all in one box etc, so all of the information about a task takes up significantly more space at the top of the task box.

This is impacting me and team, because with this update, I can’t see as much information at a glance, and the change hasn’t provided any clear benefits. I’d like to request that the description, at least, extend across the entire width of the detail view, as there is a great deal of wasted space in the current view, and it takes me and my team more time than it used to in order to see what is in the description space, because it no longer fits into a single view screen.

Our external folks submit forms with important information that goes into the “description” field, which is no longer readable at once due to this update. Having minor updates like this rolled out constantly makes Asana harder to use overall, and is a disappointing customer experience.

Hi @Susanna1 and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

You are correct here. We’re currently rolling out a new version of our task pane. We are updating the task details to give you more clarity when collaborating on tasks! Some of these updates responds to some popular user requests! We will soon share more information about it.

As always, we are curious to learn how to improve your Asana experience, so your feedback is super important for us; thanks for sharing it!

Have a lovely day!

Thank you for your response. I have upvoted another user’s request to compress the task pane. I do’t really understand how these updates provide more clarity, as they extend the amount of time it takes for me to review each of my tasks, and make it take longer for me and my team to get to the critical details of each task. They make it HARDER for me to get to the key information about each task.

I’m not really sure where this feedback, or “popular user requests” is coming from that is leading to all of these updates (frankly, I have to assume that Asana is catering to a few large clients with this, because the feedback in this forum isn’t particularly positive RE these major UI changes), but almost none of the UI changes in the past 6 months have improved my experience with the product, and I becoming progressively less happy about my experience.