Complex development project


Hi All,
I’m starting my adventure with ASANA.
I want to use Asana to manage the quit complex product development.
I work on an online course content development. This course is made of 36 units.
The to complete the task, the content has to has to pass through 8 phases: like development, revision 1, revision 2, validation, upload, testing, improvement, final validation.
-Of course, each unit has to pass all the phases.
I will work with at least 3 developers, 2 reviewers, 4 other staff members…

  • I will have different deadlines for different task and phases.

and now my question: how should I set up the project in the most efficient way?

I would like to have a global view at the dashboard:
i would like to use dependencies ( ex. developer of unit 3 finishes his job reviewer of unit 3 receives an email that he can start)
-I would like to be able to filter by units’ work progress ( I see that 5 units are in development phase, 2 in revision, 7 uploaded already…) by phase ( i take
-set up the alarm if some problems with a deadline.

What do you recommend? Did you use ASANA already for the project like that?
And good ideas and tips?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Let’s begin with a few questions to adapt the solution:

  • Are you using the free or premium version?
  • Is your Asana set up with workspaces or as an organization with teams?


Hi Julien,
I have a premium (trial for now) and organisation.


Asana is very flexible then one solution is never unique :slight_smile:

A proposal for your project:

  • Each unit is a task
  • You create a custom fields for the phases: development, revision 1, revision 2, validation, upload, testing, improvement, final validation
  • If those phases are done by different members, then you can list those tasks as subtasks: you assign the subtask, and define the dependencies
  • you can use a dashboard showing you the completed units vs total
  • with the custom fields you can filter units by phases. You can also add other custom fields for instance for priorities, or something else you need to filter by.

Is that clear ?

Almost same idea: you convert the task of the units in sections, and the subtasks become tasks.

You can have a look here also, it may give you ideas:

The choice depends on what you want to see on your main tasks’ list.

Last info: custom fields and dependencies are premium features, then you won’t have them after your trial.


hey Julien You are a star! thank you!
ps. do you have the video in the other format? it s not opening.


Great if it is useful for you!!
For the video:

then choose:
Editorial calendar course

There are diffferent chapters you can select on the left.