Completion Report


I just completed a sub task. I went to the search bar and went to recently completed where it showed up but when I did an advanced search including sub tasks within the last 30 days, the sub task doesn’t show up. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Amy,

Can you please send a screen shot of the search you made?

Best regards


Hi @Millor_Machado I just logged in this morning and the advanced search that wasn’t showing up my completed sub task, now is. Thank you for your concern and effort in trying to help.



That’s great!


Hi @Millor_Machado, So I was able to see the sub tasks I completed in my advanced search. I am now testing to see if I can see the sub tasks my boss completed in advanced search and it doesn’t show me any of her tasks that have been completed. I emailed customer services, but was wondering if you had any insight.

Thank you!


Hi @amy3!

I think the core issue here has to do with the permissions of Tasks that you’re looking to gain access to. You will not be able to view objects that are private (subtasks/Tasks/Projects/Teams) which you do not have access to. Since you and your boss probably have a different set of permissions, this is probably the source of the disconnect you two are experiencing here.

Hope this adds a bit more clarity for you two!

Let mw know if you have any additional questions :slight_smile: