Completing a Section

Adding sections is helpful to focus tasks. When all tasks in a section are complete, under the old release you could “complete” the section by clicking a button in the detail panel above the Short Description. Now sections no longer have the edit panel, where you can add more information . You can’t do anything but delete the section … which i don’t want to do. I want to preserve the original plan in it’s entirety, but hide the sections when they are done.

Steps to reproduce: When on a Section line in the plan, you can’t do anything but modify the short description or delete the section,

Browser version: chrome or IE primarily

Upload screenshots below:


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:wave: @Lynn_Emig Welcome to the Community Forum!

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with Sections!

Please note that Asana has released the new Grid view and due to this, some changes to the Section feature have been made.

Now, in order to delete a Section, you will need to:

  • Remove all tasks within that Section to another (including Completed Tasks).
  • OR delete all completed and incomplete tasks.

Please feel free to share your feedback here:

This feedback is forwarded to our Product team. Understanding your Asana needs and use cases like this is really important to us, and we do track all your feedback in order to improve the product!

Once again, welcome to the community and thank you for taking the time to share your query here!

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Having the sections is helpful …. Moving the completed tasks to another section seems pointless to delete the section when all I want to do is hide the section heading. I will need to limit my use of sections then because I have too many
sections with nothing under them in my projects now. In the past I only had to look at sections with tasks open. If you can add the ability to hide a section, that would be most helpful.



An upcoming feature (I already have it) will allow you to delete a section but also delete its content.

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Hide, or delete? I need to hide them. What I noticed is in older plans, where I had marked the section complete, those now gone and I have a massive list of unrelated tasks. It is unfortunate.



I’m with @Lynn_Emig on this, users should have the ability to ‘complete’ or hide a Sections…

After the new release it took me awhile, and this post, to realize this was no longer a feature. I see the logic behind not treating a Section like other tasks, but based on how I would imagine most people use them not why you wouldn’t be able to hide them once the tasks in them are completed.

Thanks for posting @Lynn_Emig, I’ll pass my feedback to the dev team as well. Cheers!


Hey @Lynn_Emig, here’s an idea I thought of and wanted to share. It’s a bit of a hack, but using Milestones in lieu of Sections would allow you to accomplish the same thing [while the Asana works on the ability to hide them :wink: ] … Substituting Milestones will allow you to visually separate the tasks in a list, while maintaining the ability to Close or Hide them once complete.


Already posted feedback via the form, but saw this and wanted to jump in here as well.

I just encountered the “feature” change with sections, and find it rather frustrating also. My projects have 12+ sections that I would always clear after completing all the tasks in them. Now they just hang there, always in view and cluttering up the entire sheet.

I do like that the sections can now remain tied to completed tasks and would not want to delete a section and delete all corresponding completed tasks.

The happy medium would be a way to automatically (or with a click) hide a section when there are no longer any incomplete tasks within it.

Without this, I’ll probably stop using sections and just hack together my own version similar to the past ones – i.e. something like a task with a “>>” prefix. Definitely not ideal.


I agree 100% with you Matt. Surely Asana could feature in hidden sections. Like you I don’t want to delete sections
I also have sections whose tasks are all completed. I need these ‘completed’ sections to disappear when I’ve viewing ‘incomplete tasks’ and to reappear if I choose to view ‘completed tasks’ or ‘all tasks’. Makes so much sense to me - so obvious it baffles me why it isn’t so.

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I used this idea on some new plans, but hate the thought of changing all the company templates to mirror this, and then Asana comes out with a solution to the Section “hiding” request. Thank you for sharing this idea!

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