Completed versus uncompleted tasks - same color


My uncompleted tasks are the same colour as the uncompleted ones (the faded colour) I think it is a software bug. How do I get the original viewing in the calendar with the differenciation between the completed and not completed tasks back. Thank you


Hi @Catherine_A and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

So sorry for the trouble! I can’t see to be able to replicate this issue (see screenshot below).

Can you check if this is happening with another browser or an incognito window?

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It is happening with my account. If I log into another account the display is normal.


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Catherine_A and sorry for the trouble. Would you mind sending screenshots to our support team and let them know on which account this is happening on, so they can investigate this further?

Marking this resolved in the Forum for now, but please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!


What is the email of the support team? I tought I was talking to them. Thank you



You should contact the support team using the steps here:


I already went through those steps which got me to you. Can you please connect me to the right person directly.

Thank you


Hi @Catherine_A and so sorry for the trouble here! We just rolled back a recent update (New tag/custom field and project tag color); can you confirm you’re still running into trouble? If so, could you please DM me a screenshot illustrating the issue? (You should be able to to send me a DM by clicking on my name just above and selecting “Message”).

Looking forward to your reply!


Thank you,
It has been arranged !


Great news @Catherine_A, thank you for keeping me posted!