Completed task with incomplete subtasks

We have tasks with many subtasks but once someone marks the parent task as completed then I lose track of the uncompleted tasks and they get lost in the wild.

We need a way of controlling this, how?

Juan, we have a similar situation here and to control this we try to give an owner and date to every subtask, so it will never get lost, even with the parent marked as completed. It’s more of a “way of doing” than incorporating a function.

Yes, doing the same. The problem is that doing all manual things leads to mistakes and consume time.

For me, the check of the parent task should be disabled if any of the subtasks is not yet complete.

There is no sense in having a “completed” task which has incomplete parts under it.


Hi Juan,

I agree with your logic, but not so much that the application should disable or not allow to mark the parent task as complete. This is up to the user. An option would to ask the user “Do you want to complete this task, and also complete all of its subtasks?”, maybe.

This is really up to the user. I would tell my team, that you have to check all subtasks as complete before you check the main task. Of course, this depends a bit on the context, but if your subtasks are not optional, then they should be things that need to be done in order to complete, or as split parts of the main task, so marking the main task as complete without having completed the subtasks is sort of illogical user behavior rather.

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We have an existing thread on this topic in case you want to vote for it and leave your feedback: Mark all subtasks complete before allowing tasks to be marked complete.

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I voted, but it’s disappointing to see such an elemental feature waiting for 2 years. Please do something soon.

Not even with reports it is possible to know which tasks in a project have unfinished subtasks .

This is a big hole in there where a lot of subtasks get lost. Even worse if you forget to manually add a subtask to a project (you will almost never find it)

@Juan_Diego, another solution is to make the sub tasks part of the same project as the main task. that way they do not disappear. they remain in your project.
It defeats the purpose of them being subs task if they are all in the project but you could have all sub-tasks in a different section…

The current easy solution is to use the Reporting engine of Bridge24 for Asana . Click on any project, include both incomplete and completed tasks, then generate a report that include subtasks with indentation (up to 5 levels). You will be able to identify which tasks are still incomplete under your completed tasks.