Compare two tasks



I have tried to find an option to open two or more tasks at the same time to be able to compare them, but cannot do this at all. Is there such a function? I think it would be very helpful for me, and probably others.

An additional feature would be to maybe add a security option to open the tasks as read-only in such a situation, to not make changes in the wrong task by mistake.


You can open two web page with Asana opened on both. Doing so you can open the 2 tasks you want to compare.



Hi @JoLo,

@Julien_RENAUD’s solution is a good one. Another option is to use Asana2Go – the “Cards” format shows multiple tasks in detail side-by-side, including expand/collapse regions for areas that can get large like Description, Subtasks, etc, making comparisons easy. You can see a screenshot here:

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software



thanks a lot to both of you, much appreciated!