Company wide messaging

We would like to remove email altogether and use the messaging feature in Asana. Every single staff person has a login in Asana - is there an easy way to message all staff WITHOUT having to create a giant team we have to admin constantly? Our onboard/offboard system removes them as users, so it would be swell to just be able to message everyone in Asana.

We’ll have to create an alternative that is a task with a billion subtasks for people to mark off they read it and I don’t like that. Still too much admin.

Thank you!


I’m afraid there isn’t a way to message all staff without an “All” team.

But if you were to create an “All” team then you could use it to create all those subtasks automatically as I explain here:

That’s currently the best solution in Asana, I believe,



If you have an Enterprise subscription, one other way to “message” all users is via the Admin Announcements feature:

No way to monitor and acknowledge that individual users have read it, though.


That’s all I really need, but I love it - thank you.

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Perhaps another alternative would be to allow Paid Subscriptions (ANY) an ability to integrate directly with messaging apps like Pumble, Slack, etc. This way you assume any Asana user who’s company subscription is configured to one of these messaging apps will send the message through to all Asana users via the App Integration.

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