Company (Pre) Merger Collaboration in Asana

Hello ambassadors! My organization has announced a merger with another, and we are trying to collaborate on planning and projects. We both have project (PMO) offices, and both require Admin level rights to plans, templates, etc. but providing guest access is not enough based on permissions. Does anyone have experience with pre-merger collaboration via Asana and recommendations for info sharing through the tool prior to legal merger? Asana recommended a migration of each of our accounts, but we cannot do that until legal merger has been finalized, as there is risk that the merger does not get final approval. I would prefer assigning available licenses to our new partners but there seems to be some hiccups with that as an option per our rep because we both have existing Asana contracts. Anyone have experience with this situation, thoughts or recommendations? Thank you!

Your two options are:

  • Work in the surviving org’s Asana workspace and add the to-be-merged folks as Guests. You will need to do set up work as Members that they can’t do (create teams, create projects, custom fields, etc.) but they can do all day-to-day work as Guests (work in tasks and projects, change the value of custom fields, etc.), or
  • Same as the above but add the others as Members by giving them email addresses at your domain and allowing them to log in to your Asana workspace as Members (instead of Guests). You’ll have to pay for their seats.

In either approach, they will have two sets of Asana Inboxes and My Tasks; their existing set for their existing org, and a new set for your org.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, Larry. I appreciate the input and yes, feel free to move this to tips & tricks.

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