Company Engagement - Option to expand the Engagement chart over a longer time period


First post - been working with Asana for almost two years now.

Wondering if there is a native feature to expand on the company engagement over a longer time period?

I cant seem to find anything in the options.

As a side note: this graph would be good to have the option to display publicly ie on TVs / Monitors / Digital display boards around the workplace.

Only subjective data with no person being shown. I am curious about the algorithm to generate the results though.



Hello @Luke_Allan and welcome to the forums!

I agree that having extended analysis of the Company Engagement chart would be a great feature. If you have a premium plan, you can use the Universal Reporting features in Asana to create custom dashboards of all the data within Asana and that might be what you are looking for. Additionally, you can have an Admin export data from Asana and use Google Sheets or Excel or you favorite data visualization tool to create the custom charts you are looking for. Hopefully this helps!


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