Community Launch!



We’ve been working internally on the community launch for a long time. Thousands of hours, hundreds of tasks, dozens of teammates, and lots of excitement later- the day is finally here :slight_smile: I’m excited to connect with everyone and to celebrate this exciting step forward in connecting with our customers. Cheers to you all!


Congrats on the launch Kaitie and the Asana team. Excited to be part of the launch group!


Brava Katie and all! Looking good…


Thanks @paulminors and @lpb. I’m excited to connect with you more and share your expertise with the world :slight_smile:


Excited about this community! Look forward to getting to know all of you and extend our use and expertise in Asana. Happy launch all :smile:


Kaitie, I know you spell your name Kaitie despite my mistake above! (If there’s a “typo-free” badge, I’ll never be getting it!)


Nice to meet you @enyonam - thanks for joining. Feel free to post a discussion or question for anything on your mind :blush:


I certainly will :slight_smile:


This forum template is great; can I make a request for your team to release it as open source so I can use it on my website oh pretty please?


Thanks for the feedback, @FATBOY.

We’ve built the forum with our wonderful community platform partner, Vanilla Forums, and they do have an open source version :slight_smile: Will that work for your site?


oooh I have a new shiny toy to play with! see never hurts to ask! :slight_smile: