Community Highlight, October 2016


#Favorite moments of the month :slight_smile:

Exciting times! The Asana community forum has been up and running for just over a month and it has already proven to be a great place for users to help each other and share best practices for how to use Asana.

##Awesome conversations we’ve seen so far:

Custom fields for the win
Productivity guru @paulminors shares how he uses Asana to manage the content calendar for his blog. He uses custom fields to highlight the status of a given post and creates templates for recurring types of content such as podcast interviews and blogs.

Sharing is caring: custom application for copying dates in large projects
@Dawn tells us that her company uses Asana for managing large projects that happen each year. She is looking for a way to change the dates in tasks at a large scale. @jallensantos replies that his company uses API calls using a custom application and generously shares a link to the source code for the application. Could this community get any nicer!?

On productivity: the GTD method in Asana
@enyonam asks how folks use the GTD productivity method to set up contexts in Asana. @Kaitie shares tips from an Asana webinar and Medium post and @Doma shares his company’s method for teaching GTD with Asana.

Thanks to everyone in the community who has been active and helpful! We’re excited to see where next month takes us.


Hi @Alexis Interested to know this has been up and running for a month… How and when was it released, as until today when someone post on the Google+ Asana community that this was here, I didn’t know about it. Hadn’t seen it on the Blog or Wavelength (not that I have read it fully yet).


Hi @Woodsysnr! Thanks for your enthusiasm and curiosity.

The community forum was opened in late September. We are rolling out the community in phases, including our promotion strategy, so that would explain why you haven’t seen the community on the blog or Wavelength thus far. However, I’m delighted you found us! You’ve already been such an active participant that I think your presence here will be a great support to the community. And we’re all happy to help. :slight_smile:


@Alexis Happy to be involved. Have already got heaps of value out of the community with ideas…
Always enjoy sharing what I know…


@Woodsysnr You just made my morning! :smiley:


Just catching up - thanks for the mention @Alexis