Community Highlight, Nov 2016


Favorite moments of the month :slight_smile:

This month the forum was abuzz with conversations about how to uniquely customize Asana to your needs. We’re also seeing excitement as people in the Community help each other get acquainted with Asana’s new feature, Boards!

Asana’s new feature, Boards, gives you another way to plan, prioritize, and track anything you’re working on, any way you want. See first impressions from the community in the Boards announcement thread. Also, take a look at how customers are using Boards and user tips for color coding Boards to maximize productivity.

Managing your My Tasks list
A productive day begins with My Tasks, but it can be difficult to pinpoint the best way to organize this precious list. In this thread, @carlo, @paulminors , @enyonam , and @JCarl discuss how they organize their My Tasks according to preferred productivity methods and also cover unique ways to manage the Today, Upcoming, and Later sections.

Asana for long term planning
Much of Asana’s power lies in its ability to support long term planning, yet facing 6 months of tasks can undeniably be overwhelming. In How do you keep track of long term goals?, @carlo invites feedback on balancing short term and long term planning with Asana. We see several pieces of advice about planning in bite sized pieces, including a helpful sequence for managing tasks that @paulminors presents in a blog post on “working in seasons.”