Communicate with Non-Asana users in a task

I would like to be able to communicate with non-Asana users through a task. Our Sales team does not have Asana access, but they will submit items for Triaging by using an Asana form. Without giving access to the entire project by making it public, I would like to be able to communicate with them about the task they submitted directly in the task itself. This helps keep track of the communications in the task itself without extra work efforts. As a start, perhaps there could be an option to manually enter an email address and send them an update or request for information whereby if they replied using a link it would add the reply to the task.

Hi @Kara_Durden welcome to the forum. Essentially it is a little difficult as if they are communicating or following in Asana they would need to have a licence. You could use an integration with Teams or Slack to send updates to a channel using rules/automations. Or you could look at 3rd party integrations that might be able to help here.