Comments -- "See More Comments" option instead of "See All Comments" (or in addition to "see all" option)



I have a task with over 300 comments on it. I’d like to be able to see more recent comments without having to scroll through the entire list of comments.

Also, you should be able to scroll down that list with the Page Down button, not just the mouse.


Hi @jnorthageorr and welcome to the Forum.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! You’re right as it stands you only have the option to load all comments which can be tricky when you have hundreds of comments on the same task. We already have threads on this topic, I’ve listed them just below and would recommend reading through them, adding your vote and add a comment if you wish too!

Regarding the ability to scroll down using the page down button, I would recommend to add your vote here: Comments -- Scroll down through comments list using the Page Down key

Hope this helps!


I would like to see an option that removes the “See more” link and just shows the full comment. The “see more” link is way to subtle and people don’t see it, so they are missing important info about tasks longer than a few lines.

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