Comments on tasks - Slack notifications

Same here, slack notification on task is needed. something trello integration can do and we expect asana should be able to do too.

+1 Having comment notifications for projects would be great in the slack integration

More than 2 years of comments and nothing happened. I can’t understand how you let 2 years go by without developing this feature when a lot of users are asking for it. It’s a must have for a lot of us. Even Trello has this feature.

I spent a lot of hours setting up the entire workspace. I can’t believe I can’t do verbose towards Slack. It really is outrageous. I can’t believe it. 100% frustrating…

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Another +1 from me, I was looking for this option only to find that it doesn’t exist.

Any updates on this, it’s been over a year

Hey, I am coming to this thread more than two years later, and still this does not work. I am very surprised.
Worse still, is that the zapier integration also does not work for this function. The zapier integration will not work to report comments for any task in a project, only for one specific selected task.
While my team enjoys the new features you roll out, those new features are not nearly as important to us as basics like this.
I really hope you’ll fix it soon, your paying users like us need this.

HI @Morgan_Giddings and thanks for sharing your feedback.

I’m sorry this is something we haven’t prioritized yet, I’ve just pinged the task I created a while back on this topic, hoping to spark this conversation again internally. I can’t promise when this will be prioritized, but I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update on my end!


This is so frustrating that comments are not pinged to people in asana. What is the point, now I have staff saying they never received my update to a task and its causing more time than me simply emailing, I will have to rethink the whole strategy for productivity now as this won’t help, shame.

I’m trying to get my team set up but the fact that it doesn’t show task comments in Slack is kind of a deal breaker. Is there any update on this functionality yet?