Comments and Collaborators

Is it true that adding comments changes the collaborators of a task to the selected collaborators added, subtracted or maintained by the latest comment. @Phil_Seeman @Bastien_Siebman @Marie @Todd_Cavanaugh I could really use your help on this to finish the ability to add comments and subtasks in Sendana :slight_smile:

When you @ a member they are added as a collaborator. Deleting the comment does not remove the collaborator. The only way to remove a collaborator once added is by clicking on the plus + sign and clicking the x next to the member’s name.

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I agree the @ can add collaborators but I believe the bottom always tells you the current go forward collaborators unless one adds or subtracts which can be done in IOS app when making a comment. Would you agree

I’m sorry; I just realized you are probably talking about the API since you mentioned Sendana. Yes, you are correct the bottom is always supposed to tell you the “net” collaborators going forward.

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Does it seem to expose people to thinking that they are following tasks and then somebody deletes them in a comment and the carryforward activity on the task no longer has them as a collaborator

In practice I rarely ever see someone delete someone else as a collaborator. They have to physically click the “X” in the collaborator section; there is no way to do it through the comments.

Except the IOS app allows adding and deleting when making a comment

You still have to click into a collaborators area in the comments and then click the X to remove a collaborator, though, right? That’s what I’m seeing in iOS unless I’m missing something.

I agree. Collaborators are associated with tasks not comments through API and in reality. Having said that because they sit directly under comments in web and are readily available in IOS it visually looks like they are associated. Thus some may think they are making a comment to the collaborators and decide to change when they possibly should use @mention.