Comment-only projects and non-premum collaborates or collaborators

Hi there,
I am the new user of ASANA thinking about buying Premium for the Team (1 person Team, just me). What I need is the possibility of making Comment-only projects for those Collaborators, who do not have Premium version of ASANA, but they are members of our Organization and use the free, non-premum version or they are just outsiders (do not belong to the Organization, but I put them as Collaborators).

Is it possible or these collaborators have to have a Premium like me?

Hi @Jaroslaw_Wenta! If you add some colleagues from your company who don’t have access to Premium features as collaborators of your tasks (in your premium team), they will count as Limited Access Members ( This means that they will be able to benefit from your Premium plan, but it also means that they’ll count toward your premium plan. You can of course set these users as Comment-Only (, but they will still be able to access premium features on your tasks and will still count toward your premium plan.

Hope this helps @Jaroslaw_Wenta! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hi @Marie,
Thanks for the response. It have made it clear.

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