comment only permissions still allows users to add other collaborators (giving them access to the private task)

Hi all,
I was wondering if it is possible to limit comment only projects.
so that task collaborators can comment only (and not be able to add other task collaborators)

I don’t think this is possible as “can comment” allows a few other rights (add/remove attachments/comment on task/modify task collaborators/list tasks or comments)

but I wanted to double check to see if there was a way to really limit access to commenting only.
(specifically - modify task collaborators - this can potentially grant other users access to the (private) task. Which to me seems an incorrect permission to assign to someone who should be only adding comments.


Hi @Dehond_Filip and welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately, as it stands it is not possible to customise comment-only projects to limit rights on attachments and collaborators; but I can definitely see how useful it would be!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’ve have a good recap of what comment only users can and can’t do in the following article; you might find it useful!

Hi Marie,

Thank you for the feedback, yes I found that article as well but still wanted to confirm it wasn’t somehow possible.

Kind regards

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