Comment Only permission affecting Recurring Tasks on Projects

In My opinion, this is a bug and needs reviewed.

  • If a user is assigned a Recurring Task, but is “Comment-Only” on the Project
  • Completion of the task, kills the Recurring Task from Generating a Task back to the Project.
  • But it does create a new Recurring Task that is not associated to the original Project
  • If I remove the Comment-Only permissions, and complete a Recurring Task
  • The Task will generate a new Recurring Task that is associated to the Project.

I very much second this. This is my biggest pain point currently with Asana. For all the reasons that we need comment-only projects, we also need comment-only recurring tasks. If anything, a recurring task needs comment-only protection even more so, since it generally needs to be the same process locked in time after time.

Recurring tasks also lose their project if on a private project and assigned to a user without project edit permission. This is my 2nd biggest pain point with Asana.

If Asana simply maintained the project field on all recurring tasks, regardless of project settings, it would solve these problems.