Comment Only - doesn't work. If assigned a task - user can make LOTS of changes to mess up schedule :-o


We have just discovered that even though we have the project to “Comment-Only” for all members and individuals (from “Project Members & Access” window) that any person who is assigned a task (that’s pretty much everyone) can do much more than comment only - they can Modify Due Date, Modify Assignee, Complete Tasks, Modify Custom Field Values and some other things that are not just commenting. (

If that is Asana’s “Comment only” functionality that is absolutely crazy and just plain wrong for a centralised project management organisation.

I hope we are missing something and this isn’t the case??? (fingers crossed really tightly)

I believe the “Comment only” feature is very new, maybe the need to restrict this access for project managed organisations was not thought of and perhaps you could add a “Project/Program Managed” option which would do just as “comment only” says (i.e. change nothing else but allow commenting) for all members. Perhaps you could allow the assignee to change the status to 'QC ready" and change colour so that the project manager/line manager can check before allowing only the person with “Edit” permission to actually change check it as complete.

Allowing view only of tasks is a fantastic way to communicate tasks to teams and let them view their to do list and organise themselves. When they have done a task they manually submit to a line managers to run a quality check on the item before it is actually accepted as having been done. Only once the line manager informs the Project Manager that the task is done to a satisfactory level is the task check off and goes off the assignee’s list. Allowing people to check their tasks as complete removes the quality assurance layers. So to does letting them change the length of tasks - especially when it might impact downstream tasks (in most cases) as well as letting them take over the management of team resources by changing the assignee. I am sorry but the current implementation design really ruins the original intended concept of “Comment only”.

Your help to resolve or correct this situation is appreciated. Right now our schedules that took months to design and implement are at the mercy of people following a written guideline to not totally screw them up by changing the structure without even notifications going to the project managers (the one with the actual “Edit” permission).

As it currently stands this feature sadly doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for Asana as serious project management software. So much else is spot on so please please please address this ASAP :smiley:

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