Comment box is too big


I love the new feature that can provide an auto response in the comment window. However the comment window now no longer collapses when viewing the actual task, which impedes total screen realestate. Please re-enable this feature.



I’ll second that!

What’s more - the auto response options seem like a very early beta test. If I am not mistaken the text suggestions can not be changed. That would make it much better since we write German and we would certainly use totally different text snippets. In its current version we have no use for this feature.


I think the same!!

I work on a 13’’ screen so I have less area now :frowning:
The new feature is a good way to reply quick, but I think that all the comment box had to be collapse to a single line (or an option to).


I think that’s a beta thing and am intrigued.


Any word on this? I would love to reduce the size of the comment box. I’m using it on a laptop, and the comment box covers most of the task details!


I had these show up for like a day and then they went away =OO Maybe it got phased out.