Combined Team Task List



My firm uses multiple projects under one project team because different types of tasks need to be viewed separately and in different ways (some are better in board format, some in lists, and some are internal only and get copied from project team to project team). We have a general tasks project, a project for firm standards, and a project for the full team pull schedule. All of these ‘projects’ are really just intentionally separated task lists for the same overall project team. It would be great if I could get Asana to show a combined team task list, which combines all the tasks from the various projects, just like I can show a combined team calendar and team conversations.


Maybe you can achieve this using a custom search saved as a view?


Hi @Emily_Nightingale

Have you considered creating an overview project, where all of the tasks from other projects can be gathered together?

Here’s some information on multi-homing, if you haven’t come across it:


That’s exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t find. Thank you so much!